06Jun 2019-07Jun 2019

Alte Universität, eikones Forum, Rheinsprung 11, Basel


Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

States of Seeing

Conveners: Zeynep Gürsel (eikones) and Lorena Rizzo (African Studies, Basel)

How do states see subjects? The workshop brings together a group of scholars to explore how states see subjects, historically and today, as well as the conditions of seeing through, in opposition to or despite the state. We investigate a wide range of “states of seeing” from colonial prisons in South  Africa, Ottoman Armenian emigration, the Atlantic slave trade, 19thc. Bulgarian revolutionaries to remembrance of the Soviet period in contemporary Russia, drone warfare, family photography produced by incarcerated African Americans, the Israeli Defense Forces and Indonesian art as an intervention in historical erasures.

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