When must the Doctoral Agreement be concluded?

The Doctoral Agreement must be concluded between the doctoral student and the first supervisor or the Doctoral Committee during the first semester of the doctorate. The form should be completed electronically wherever possible and printed out before being signed. The original is kept by the doctoral students, and a copy must be deposited with the Student Administration Services of the Dean’s Office. The first supervisor should also keep a copy.
If the Doctoral Committee is not nominated within the first semester, it must be appointed at the latest 12 months after the start of the doctorate. A copy of the updated cover page must be provided to the Student Administration Services of the Dean’s Office (by post or email to Hildegard.Raeuber@clutterunibas.ch).
The Doctoral Agreement should be updated at least once a year as part of a supervisory meeting. Updates to the Individual Plan of Study, the overview of supervisory meetings, and the Meeting Sheets are not deposited with the Student Administration Services. The last signed version of the Doctoral Agreement is to be submitted along with all other necessary documents at the time of applying for the doctoral examination.