Bachelor’s examination & degree

Students who have earned 60 CP in the subject to be examined or 120 CP in the degree program and have completed the seminar papers in the subject to be examined or in the degree program that count towards the degree can register for the Bachelor examination. To prove that they meet the requirements, they must provide their module allocation.

FS 2019SS 2020FS 2020SS 2021
Registration forms (degree subject / program) available fromexpired03.02.2001.09.2001.02.21
Registration periodexpired10.03. - 26.03.2029.09. - 15.10.2009.03. - 25.03.21
Examinationexpired09.05. & 16.05.2005.12. & 12.12.2010.05. & 17.05.211)
Notification of gradesexpired03.07.2022.01.2102.07.21
Inspection of examination papers and degree application

expired04.08. - 20.08.2026.01. - 11.02.2103.08. - 19.08.21
Graduation ceremony--10.10.2017.04.2109.10.21

1) Attention: in SS 2021 the BA-examinations take place on Mondays
Subject to subsequent changes.