What is a Doctoral Committee?

Every doctorate is supported by a Doctoral Committee. This committee usually consists of a first and second supervisor but can also include a third person. The first supervisor is primarily responsible for making sure that the doctoral project is conducted correctly and that suitable supervision is provided. The Doctoral Committee defines the curriculum-based courses to be completed and provides the doctoral candidate with feedback on the quality and progress of his or her work during regular supervisory meetings. All members of the Doctoral Committee produce an independent, graded evaluation report on the dissertation submitted.

The members of the Doctoral Committee are entered on the cover page of the <link en doctorate doctoral-students process-for-doctorate internal link in current>Doctoral Agreement.
The Doctoral Agreement is signed by the first supervisor and the doctoral student. A copy of the Doctoral Agreement must be sent to the Student Administration Services of the Dean’s Office (by email to doktorat-philhist@clutterunibas.ch).