The Dean's Office in the fall semester 2022 (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Nicola Gess, Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Martin Lengwiler, Dipl. Ing.-Agr. ETH Roberto Lazzari

Organization and composition

Collegial decisions as the basic principle of a successful team

The Dean's Office is formed by the Dean, the Dean of Studies, and the Dean of Research, who are elected by the Faculty Assembly, and, with an advisory function, the Managing Director. It also employs co-workers in staff positions and in the student administration. Under the leadership of the Dean and within the framework of the Faculty Regulations (in particular ยงยง 18-21) and the Rules of Procedure, the Dean's Office organizes itself and makes its decisions in the College.

  • The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the term of office from SS 2022 to SS 2025 is Prof. Dr. Martin Lengwiler, Professor of History.
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Professor of Musicology, is Dean of Studies. He was elected for the term of office SS 2022 to FS 2024.
  • Prof. Dr. Nicola Gess, Professor of German Literature, is Dean of Research for the term of office from FS 2022 to SS 2025.
  • Dipl. Ing.-Agr. ETH Roberto Lazzari is the permanent Managing Director of the Faculty, reporting directly to the Dean.


The Dean's Office manages the Faculty's business and ensures the flow of information and the participation of all groups. It represents the Faculty externally, both in university and non-university boards and institutions. In particular, it prepares the meetings of the Faculty Assembly and the Faculty Board and proposes the composition of the faculty committees. As a rule, search committees are chaired by a member of the Dean's Office.

In urgent cases, the Dean's Office is authorized to conduct the business of the Faculty Assembly and the Faculty Board - subject to their subsequent approval. All business that is not explicitly assigned to another body is the responsibility of the Dean's Office.