Organs of the Faculty

The Faculty is organized along the lines of the usual organization of authorities in Switzerland. The bodies of the Faculty are

The standing committees of the Faculty include the

Temporary committees of the Faculty are


Members of the University are entitled to co-determination, which they can exercise via the Groups. The representatives of the Groups can be elected to various university and faculty boards. With regard to elections and representation in intra-faculty and university-wide bodies, the following Groups pass in accordance with the Faculty regulations:

  • Group I: Holders of permanent professorships, assistant professors with tenure track, SNSF-funded professors
  • Group II: Assistant professors without tenure track, university lecturers, assistant lecturers, adjunct professors, private lecturers and academic co-workers with teaching obligations
  • Group III: PhD students and postdoctoral researchers
  • Group IV: Academic, technical and administrative co-workers without teaching duties
  • Group V: Students

The spokespersons of the Groups of the Faculty of Humanities are:

  • Group II: Prof. Dr. Erik Petry
  • Group III: Victoria Landau MA (Deputies Dr. Jana Tschannen, Dr. Lea Liese, Dr. Conrad Mattli, Eleonora Kacl MA)
  • Group IV: Dr. Marino Ferri, lic. phil. VĂ©ronique Hilfiker, Gabriela Kuster Vettiger MA (in rotation)
  • Group V: Yanik Freudiger


Managing Director of the Faculty