Detailed information about your doctorate

Along with the Letter of Admission to doctoral training, doctoral students receive an information sheet providing detailed information about the documents they need to register for the doctorate. You must register at the earliest possible opportunity after beginning your doctoral training. Matriculation is mandatory throughout your doctoral studies. Without registering for the doctorate, it is not possible to earn credit points.

The pages in this section provide information about the doctoral degree structure (process for doctorate) and the final stage of doctoral training (graduation & publication). A full set of important documents relating to the doctorate can be found in documents & factsheets. Information about the Faculty’s doctoral programs is available in the doctoral programs section.

Studying for a doctorate at our Faculty is an opportunity to establish yourself academically in a lively and exciting research environment with excellent connections at the national and international level.

Supervision also forms part of the outstanding research environment here in Basel. We provide doctoral students with supervision that is geared toward their personal goals and that actively helps them to achieve those goals – either through one of our many doctoral programs or as an individual doctorate.

Prof. Susanne Bickel, Dean of Research

Office of the Dean of Research

Student Administration PhD