How can I earn credit points?

During doctoral training, curriculum-based courses carry at least 12 credit points in individual doctorates and at least 18 credit points in doctoral programs. Students can only earn credit points at doctoral level while they are registered on a doctorate in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Basel. It is not possible to transfer academic achievements from a master’s program and count them toward a doctorate, nor can credits be used twice for multiple ordinary degrees. Provided that the student has registered for courses via MOnA (compulsory registration), they will be awarded the corresponding credit points as stated in the course directory. Assessments will be conducted based on the criteria published in the course directory and in accordance with the relevant regulations. Courses not offered at doctoral level may only be credited with the consent of the first supervisor, who must confirm this by signing the Individual Plan of Study. Credit points can also be earned for academic achievements outside of the university curriculum and for which it is not possible to register via MOnA. These are agreed between the doctoral student and a supervisor from the Doctoral Committee (usually the first supervisor) and recorded in the Individual Plan of Study. Credit points are recorded using an electronic Learning Contract (for details of this procedure, see the Student Services/MOnA instructions). When awarding credit points, supervisors use the standard values defined in the guidelines. As a rule, 1 credit point equates to 30 hours of work.